An Introduction

I think phylogenetics is cool.

Reading phylogeny papers and investigating paleontological phylogenetic analyses are some of my favorite hobbies. I was talking with one of my friends the other day about some of the phylogenetic stuff I was doing, and they told me “you should start a blog,” so here I am!

I’m interested in a lot of different groups of animals phylogenetically, but some of my favorites to study are titanosaurs, Triassic reptiles, and basal therapsids. I’d say theropods, too, but frankly I think the professionals have those covered.

While I did major in biology, I’m not a professional scientist or a grad student. I think I know a lot about phylogenetics, though, and hope I’ll have something meaningful to say.

You can probably expect to see me review published phylogenetic analyses and attempt to code taxa into datasets that they haven’t been before. Maybe I’ll find interesting results along the way. 


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